The Campus Lady Magazine is the premier Kenyan based Campus and College Magazine that primarily targets the female university students. The Magazine is currently produced in PDF format on a monthly basis and published online for download purposes.
This is a magazine that provides its readers(Primarily Female Students) with articles ranging from but not limited to campus motherhood, relationships, life, politics, innovation, achievements, academics achievements, inspiration, technology, entertainment based on students experience(s) by the students themselves.
It’s without a doubt the best thing that happened to campus ladies. It is a simple, fun, inspiring and positive magazine that is written by female students for female students. This free monthly e magazine is accessible to anyone at the click of a button.
The Campus Lady Magazine is here and had given female students a platform to share their stories, get inspired and learn from other women’s stories. The magazine is here to give these ladies a chance to tell their own stories with their own voice. They hold the pen and author their own lives. The magazine has different categories and our hope and desire is to significantly and positively improve the lives of campus ladies through articles, networking and mentorship opportunities.
We love collaborating and working together with institutions, organizations and individuals who are passionate and recognize that female campus students represent an important segment in society, all this while honoring their personal image and brand. Let’s work together! Let’s make it happen. Let’s get every campus lady inspired!

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